Disposable mail is an ideal tool for protecting your privacy online or the data stored in your primary mailbox. No one will be able to identify you if you use a temporary email address. Besides, you can be sure that your business mailbox is protected from fraudsters, too.

Antivirus software has been lagging behind the ever-improving hacker technology. Therefore, your data is always at risk of hacking, and any error can be fatal.

How will Crypto G Mail temporary mail protect your confidential information?

Let's say one of your senders gave your email address to cybercriminals engaged in spam mailing. With Crypto G Mail, this will not be a problem – you simply need to delete the temporary email address and create a new one. This way, you can easily avoid receiving unwanted emails.

Crypto G Mail temporary mail will allow you to receive emails and then either redirect them to your primary mailbox, or delete them permanently. Therefore, your real mailbox will receive only letters from selected senders, without any spam, advertising, or viruses. Thanks to this service, you can safely register on any site or chat and not worry that your mailbox will become a place for receiving piles of spam letters.

Using Crypto G Mail temporary mail is a modern solution for protecting personal data online.