There are practically no such sites left that would not require an email when registering. Therefore, you often have to indicate your email, which as a result, always leads to receiving tons of spam messages. Fortunately, there is an effective way to get rid of unwanted emails in your personal mailbox – it’s using Crypto G Mail.

What are the most common types of spam?

  • Ads for medicinal products;
  • Ads for pornographic web sites;
  • Ads for the different types of legal services;
  • Ads for various master classes and online training courses.

By creating a temporary Crypto G Mail email address, you can keep your real mailbox clean and spam-free, as well as forget about deleting piles of promotional offers all the time.

Spam is not as harmless as it seems

If you accidentally open a spam email or, even worse, click on a link in it, there is a great chance of an unpleasant virus appearing on your computer, which threatens all sorts of malfunctions and problems, up to the theft of all your personal information or failure of the device.

The best method for protecting yourself against spam is using Crypto G Mail, which is quick and easy!