Nowadays, it is impossible to conduct business without using the Internet. Any credible company has an Internet page for communicating with customers or for placing an online order. As a rule, payment is made directly on the website using a bank card or one of the many electronic payment systems.

Poor security organization of a website leads to dire consequences. According to statistics, entrepreneurs running their business on the Internet lose up to $16 billion annually from fraud. This amount consists not only of money stolen from e-wallets or credit cards, but also of the indirect income of fraudsters, in particular from the sale of stolen personal data, or from receiving money for the return of control over a device infected with a virus.

The most common means used by scammers are:

  • Malicious software such as viruses, Trojans, or worms disrupt the system's normal operation and allow intruders to gain access to the device. As a rule, the user infects their device by clicking on a link from a letter or message received by email or on a social media platform.
  • Software tools for data theft. As a rule, data is stolen as a result of targeted attacks on the device of a user, who did not take care of their security and anonymity.

Any of the mentioned means involves the use of email. That is, for a successful attack on a device or user account by an intruder, the user must expose their real accounts and real data on the Internet. Using this data, the most effective attack method can be prepared.

Therefore, users who want to protect themselves from intruders should protect all their accounts and anonymize themselves on the Internet. The most effective way to achieve these goals is to use proxy servers and temporary mail services when visiting suspicious resources on the Internet or when communicating with unknown people.

Crypto G Mail temporary mail is easy to use and does not require registration. The user just needs to go to the Crypto G Mail main page, and a temporary mailbox will be automatically generated. It can be effectively used for anonymous registration on various forums, social media, as well as for communicating with people who you cannot trust.

Thus, thanks to temporary mail, you will be able to effectively protect yourself from targeted attacks, since you will hide from the view of intruders and will not expose your real email address.