Why should one stay anonymous on the Internet?

The websites we visit collect data about us. Usually, we are warned about this, but sometimes, tracking happens without our permission. The collected information may be linked to you and used not in your favor. The most common thing is intrusive ads that you see when browsing websites. Government services can also collect information on their citizens for a variety of reasons. The latter is actually a direct invasion of your privacy.

How to stay anonymous online?

1. Use VPN technologies

When you use VPN services, all traffic goes through secure VPN servers. At the same time, your IP address is hidden, and sites cannot track your real location, which means they cannot identify you. All traffic is also encrypted, which protects against data interception by your ISP or intruders. The easiest and most affordable option is to use the free VPN service called VPN Private.

To get started with VPN Private, just follow the link to the official website and select the device you need. After installation, select the country to connect: your IP address will change, and all Internet traffic will be encrypted.

2. Make your mail efficient and secure

Another thing that can reveal your real identity is your email address. The best way to avoid it is to use temporary mail. We suggest that you use Crypto G Mail for this purpose because:

  • It has a simple and unobtrusive design;
  • Your mailbox is generated the moment you visit the site;
  • You can use any name you want if you don’t like the generated one;
  • Emails will automatically disappear after 48 hours;

Staying anonymous online gets more difficult these days, but we hope this article will help you keep your personal information secure.