Mobile games are good helpers in the fight against spare time and boredom. However, some great games require registration and then clutter your inbox with piles of newsletters. The Crypto G Mail service will help you deal with this inconvenience.

What is Crypto G Mail temporary email service for in mobile games?

Many mobile games have some form of monetization scheme created by developers. Games often offer users to perform some actions on Facebook or register on the site via email. Users are rewarded for completing these actions. They are given various game resources, bonuses, and other perks. To receive an award or additional opportunities, it is unnecessary to indicate your real contact information. Take advantage of the convenient and intuitive Crypto G Mail service.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Download and install the Angry Birds game for Android from Google Play store.
  2. Open the Crypto G Mail website and choose the domain of your temporary email address that you like, which you can use for registration.
  3. Launch the game and test the capabilities. In 15-20 minutes, we will be offered to go to Facebook and get 5 tickets (a special resource in the game that gives access to tournament rounds). To participate in one Angry Birds tournament round, you need to spend one ticket. If the round is not passed, another ticket is debited from your account. You can buy this resource for money or get it by doing what the game offers.
  4. In the upper right corner, there will be a button with a Facebook icon and a purple ticket. Click on it and go to the social network login page. Even if we have a permanent Facebook account, we will not litter it with games. Let's create a new one, specifying the temporary email address generated by Crypto G Mail.
  5. After specifying the required data, a letter from Facebook will be sent to our mailbox with a request to confirm the registration. Confirm it.
  6. Now we can log into our new account from the game and get 5 tickets.