Each Internet user has a mailbox that is used for different purposes, for example, for work communication over emails or creating an account on social media or elsewhere. About 99% of all applications and sites that we visit every day require you to specify your email address for various purposes: to provide you with newsletters and promotional offers, announce contests, show ads, and much more.

What is an anonymous or temporary email address?

From a technical point of view, temporary mail is a service that provides any user with an opportunity to get an additional mailbox, the address of which you can safely indicate on unverified sites or give to new friends.

When can temporary mail come in handy?

You probably know that many useful programs are paid, but almost all of them provide the opportunity to use the free version for some time so that the user can independently see all the benefits. Naturally, to use the free version of anything, you need to register and indicate your email address. With disposable mail, you can register multiple times and use an expensive software product for free.

Many sites, social networks, and online stores ask you to provide your email address. As a result, your mailbox becomes full of spam and advertising mailings, and sometimes even viruses. In contrast, you can indicate a temporary email address without the fear of such consequences.