Providing information about yourself using the Internet is not the safest decision in your life. Most often, sites and forums ask for your email address. Your personal mailbox usually contains confidential information, so it is better to use anonymous mail. Let's figure out why using an anonymous email account is so convenient and good for you.

Who should use temp mail addresses in the first place?

  • Users who wish to remain anonymous.

With the help of temporary mail, you can be entirely sure that no one will be able to track you down if you indicate your email when registering on any site. No one will know your IP address and your name except you.

  • Those who want to protect themselves from spam.

Using a disposable email address will provide you with an opportunity to safely subscribe to any newsletter, even those that seem suspicious.

  • People who want to protect their computer from viruses.

Apart from harmless ads, spam mailing lists can contain a virus, and then you will have more problems to cope with. But if you are afraid to open any letters, you can miss an important one. Fake mail will protect your computer and save you from such restrictions.

  • Software developers.

Testing new apps requires reusing multiple email addresses. Temporary mail will allow you to create an infinite number of mailboxes, and you will no longer have to sort your mail.

Temporary mail has an easy-to-use interface. Judge for yourself:

  • It provides complete security. A disposable email address does not require registration and input of any data. You get the highest level of privacy.
  • It saves you time. You don't have to waste time coming up with a witty login for an email. The address will be generated automatically for you. At the same time, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to choose a different login, you just need to enter it in the line.
  • It has a user-friendly interface. If you do not see new letters, but you are sure that you should have received them, click the "Refresh" button.