Why Crypto G Mail?

Crypto G Mail has a great variety of users, including people who want to protect their privacy and personal mail from unwanted messages; the ones who don’t want to provide their real emails for not important sites and services; users who want to register temporarily on some forums, social networks, or get sales offers; as well as programmers who test the functionality of the apps they developed.

Thousands of satisfied users choose Crypto G Mail because it ensures top user experience and functionality:

  • 100% Free
  • Anonymous
  • No registration
  • Ability to rename emails
  • Keeping emails for 48 hours
  • List of free domains
  • Premium version coming soon

Crypto G Mail Usage Guide:

1. Go to https://cryptogmail.com/ , where you’ll be offered a randomly generated email address right away, without any additional efforts. Just copy it to the clipboard and paste whenever you need it for registration. Then click the Refresh button to check if you got a reply. Pay attention that the letters will be kept for 48 hours.

2. If you don’t need that mail for so long, you can delete it by yourself with the Remove button. By the way, clicking this button, you automatically get a new randomly generated email.

3. If you need to make your temp mail look more like your real email address or just want to rename it, just click the Change button. There you’ll be able to enter any name and choose a domain from the list.

4. Enjoy the freedom on the Internet that Crypto G Mail provides you and say spam goodbye.