The most important stage in software development is the final stage of testing. Many programs need functional testing in the Internet environment, and this will require at least a dozen separate email addresses. Not every development team is ready to waste their precious time filling out endless registration forms for email sites, and then remembering a million passwords from these mailboxes.

Benefits of using Crypto G Mail when developing and testing software:

Creating an email address to complete the testing process or simply when developing new programs is a very resource-intensive and monotonous task. An alternative option that will save developer time is to use the Crypto G Mail temporary email service. This is the choice preferred by the most famous development companies. The best solution for such companies is Crypto G Mail.

Advantages of using Crypto G Mail when developing and testing software:

  • Creating a regular email address will take a maximum of two minutes, even for the most inexperienced user. But you can create anonymous mail in just a few clicks. Moreover, you do not need to provide your personal data.
  • Each email address will be unique. Optionally, you can manually delete the email address by clicking "Delete," and the information in this email will be securely deleted.

The site provides an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface. Crypto G Mail will become a loyal friend for developers creating programs and apps that will work on the Internet.