We deal with spam all the time: dozens of unnecessary, uninteresting messages arrive in our mailbox every day. Spam poses a serious potential threat, since email spam can steal your personal data. A harmless letter about a private sale or a letter from a long-forgotten bank can be dangerous.

Why is spam dangerous?

Email spam contains viruses and Trojans that are eager to infect your computer. Spam is used to send phishing emails aimed at deceiving the user and stealing their personal data. Spam is the main weapon of cybercrime.

How to fight spam?

If you suddenly get buried by a pile of spam letters, then you have most likely indicated your email somewhere in the wrong place. As a result, it got into the spam base and will be littered with letters. A temporary mail service will help you deal with this problem once and for all.

Crypto G Mail is the most user-friendly and effective tool for fighting spam. Essentially, Crypto G Mail generates temporary email addresses, and you do not need to go through any registration process to use it. One click is enough for the service to give you a new address. If you do not like the proposed option, you can click again and get a newly-generated address.

Crypto G Mail will come to the rescue when you need to register on a suspicious site, or when you need to enter an email to get a link to download a file. You will download the file and forget about this site. The site will remember you forever, though, as well as send you letters, but they will already come to temporary mail. And there, they will simply be destroyed.

When using Crypto G Mail, you get:

  • Complete cleaning up of the mailbox after 48 hours;
  • Safe temporary storage of mail (goodbye, viruses!);
  • No more phishing emails;
  • You can forget about unnecessary anti-spam programs.