If suddenly you decide to create an account on Facebook or other social media platform, you will need to indicate your email address, to which you will be sent a link to activate your profile. The relationship between your mailbox and Facebook does not end there. Later, you will be sent a bunch of letters stating that some Friend has liked some incomprehensible nonsense. Thus, Facebook alone will send you 3-4 letters per day. And what will happen if you start receiving letters from Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks? In 5 days, you will be bogged down in an abyss of unnecessary emails. To get rid of all this spam, you need to use temporary emails when creating social media accounts.

Many people think that temporary mail is used exclusively by criminals and for criminal purposes. However, this is fundamentally a misconception. Disposable mail is an excellent tool for fighting spam. In this case, the user uses his primary mail exclusively for personal or business communication, and his temporary one for the rest of the correspondence and registration on social networks, forums, and various questionable resources. As a result, the primary mailbox is not cluttered.

Crypto G Mail is very easy to use and it does not require registration. To get a temporary mailbox, you just need to open the Crypto G Mail web page in a browser on your computer or mobile device. As a result, temporary mail with a disposable email address will be automatically generated immediately.

You do not need to enter any registration data to gain access to a disposable email address, so you keep your personal confidential data secure. Thus, the user protects himself not only from unnecessary messages from social networks, but also from possible attacks from intruders.