It is evident that e-books have become one of the most important elements of the 21st century learning. Five years ago, electronic books were considered a curiosity and were not affordable for everyone. But today, all rational people understand that having once invested in a useful device, you can get rid of paperwork forever.

What problems can one face when downloading e-books?

To accumulate literary treasures in your gadget, you need to find the installation file on one of the thousands of specialized websites. At this point, you may encounter some problems.

Typically, sites require a valid email address for security checks or relative copyright protection upon download. Most Internet resources ask users to follow the link sent to your email, which stops the vast majority of users from downloading or buying an electronic edition of the book. The main stop factor is the fear of spreading your personal data and the absence of any desire to then get rid of all the spam in your mailbox.

For instance, some people generally use email exclusively for work purposes, so it is definitely not part of their plans to hand out their email address to different websites. In such situations, you have to pay attention to alternative types of mailboxes. The best option would be a temporary mail. After the user completes the needed task, this mailbox can be deleted.

How can temporary mail help in this situation?

With just one mouse click, Crypto G Mail will allow you to use the new one-time mailbox. The email address itself can be created in only one click as well. The intuitive interface will be convenient even for those users who have just learned about the existence of disposable mail.

The disposable email address is absolutely unique. No other user will be able to use the mailbox with this name in the future. Thus, Crypto G Mail will be the best solution for those who want to download an e-book on a site that requires entering an email. The book lovers will be able to quickly install the selected book on the device, without indicating their personal email.