If you are seriously thinking about how to stay anonymous online, we strongly recommend that you read this guide on how to create a perfect fake identity. Our Crypto G Mail service is your faithful assistant in protecting your anonymity on the Internet as well.

With the help of temporary mail, you can receive letters anonymously. Now you do not have to worry about who the sender of the letter is and whether it is reliable. You can be confident that your computer and the data stored on it are completely secure.

Using temporary emails generated by Crypto G Mail guarantees that you will have no problems.

Crypto G Mail guarantees you a high level of security when interacting with the Internet. When shopping online, you are usually asked to indicate your contact email address, which will subsequently receive intrusive advertising offers. If you use anonymous mail, the seller will never know your real email address in the process of receiving and sending letters. This way, you can hide quite important information, since you can never know for sure how a stranger can dispose of it.

What are the main benefits of using Crypto G Mail when receiving emails?

Working with Crypto G Mail is as easy as pie. The service interface is simple and intuitive, and its set of features is relatively small, which allows you to figure out what's what from the very first minutes. The email address is provided automatically, and then you can receive an email after just a couple of clicks. If you wish, you can change the address to a new one by choosing a different username and password.

Also, temporary mail does not require registration, so you can start using it immediately. It is safe to work with temporary mail. The owner of the anonymous mail cannot be tracked: all information collected by the sites (e.g., IP address) is not collected.