The main purpose of Crypto G Mail temporary mail is to ensure your privacy on the Internet. But to ensure complete anonymity and online security, we recommend combining disposable email with VPN technology.

Here are some of the advantages of Crypto G Mail as an anonymous email:

  • It does not require registration – you do not need to provide any personal data;
  • All emails are deleted after 48 hours;
  • Crypto G Mail is not linked to other mailboxes;
  • You can delete your temporary email at any time – all data is deleted, including your IP address.

Is temporary mail enough for complete privacy on the Internet?

Your ISP or third party sites may store your IP address when you connect to them on the Internet. This puts your privacy at risk. Remember that knowing your IP address equals professionals' actual ability to determine your real address, and therefore identify you! Crypto G Mail ensures the secrecy of correspondence.

But to ensure complete privacy, you need to additionally use VPN technologies. A VPN, or virtual private network, works quite simply. You connect to a remote server, and from there, you go online. Any information that is transmitted from you or to you goes through the VPN server and is encrypted. Plus, your IP address is securely hidden.

How it works when you are using a temporary email:

  • Your IP address will be hidden when using anonymous mail and third-party sites, so no one will be able to identify you.
  • Your ISP will not have information about the sites you visited.
  • All your data (such as emails) will be encrypted by the VPN service.

VPN technology works in the same way for any other site. Everything you read on the Internet is encrypted, and your IP address is hidden. So it works both ways.

Which VPN service should you choose?

The VPN server of the company whose services you intend to use must be located within the Fourteen Eyes countries as they have an information exchange agreement and can access any VPN provider, which in turn jeopardizes your privacy and anonymity.

We recommend you to take a look at VPN Private. VPN Private is the best VPN service for working with temporary mail.

To get started with VPN Private, just follow the link to the official website and select the device you need. After installation, select the country to connect: your IP address will change, and all Internet traffic will be encrypted.

As you can see, the main difference between VPN Private and other competitors is that it’s a free, simple to use, high-quality service with no intrusive ads.