If you have recently learned about the existence of temporary mail, then most likely, its advantages are not obvious to you. Perhaps you do not know why you need it at all in case if you have your regular mail, especially since it is absolutely free. To help you get a picture, we will compare these two mails according to the requirements that are really important for the user.

Temporary mail provides security from the moment of registration to the deletion of the disposable mailbox. Regular mail already starts collecting data about you during registration. Automatic deletion of letters in regular mail is not provided, whereas, in temporary mail, all letters are deleted after 48 hours. You don’t have an option to completely delete your regular mailbox, but temporary mail allows you to do this irrevocably and easily.

Comparing standard and disposable emails:

Criterion Temporary mail Regular mail
Registration Completely anonymous Collects personal data
Geographical independence Allows to register on any websites May not be suitable for the registration process
Registration speed No registration Takes some time
Possibility of hacking Hacking is almost 100% impossible The possibility of hacking exists
The need to remember a password No need The need is present
Captcha during registration Absent Required by almost any service
Number of accounts An unlimited number of accounts can be created Some restrictions are present
Spam protection Even if someone sends you a spam letter, you won’t see it Harsh filters don’t guarantee full protection
Account deletion Easy Incomplete
Emails auto-deletion Yes No

Even at first glance, without a detailed study of the comparative table, it becomes clear who is the winner of the competition. Of course, we do not urge you to abandon regular mail and switch to temporary mail entirely, but you will not find anything better than temporary mail for a certain number of tasks.