Most of Internet services require you to enter an email address when registering. As a rule, you receive a verification or confirmation letter with a link in this inbox. This completes the registration procedure. A temporary mailbox can simplify this process and save you from the consequences of indicating your personal email address.

What is temporary mail for?

By specifying your personal email when registering, you simply open the way for tons of unnecessary advertising letters, meaningless notifications, and just a vast amount of spam. Really important letters can get lost among the junk advertising mailings. The main purpose of temporary mail is to solve precisely this problem.

Now, when registering anywhere on the Internet, you can specify a one-time address, get the necessary information, and at the same time, not clog your real mailbox.

Additional features

With temporary mail, you can:

  • Register on suspicious websites. If you need to get access to certain information, but its source does not look safe, temporary mail will come to the rescue.
  • If you are dealing with Internet voting, as a rule, there is a binding of the allowed number of votes from one user to his/her mailbox. If you want to get around this limitation, using a temporary email address is the best solution.
  • If you need to create several accounts in a row on sites or on social networks, temporary mail will come to your aid.

Advantages of temporary mail

You can forget about tedious registration, because temporary mail does not care about who you are, and it does not need your data. You do not have to waste time on registration or to select free combinations manually – the server generates the address on its own, which happens instantly. You just have to choose the appropriate one from the provided domains.

There are many advantages to using temporary mail. Using Crypto G Mail, you can forget about spam forever and always safely access the information you need.